Succeeding as a Product Owner

Defining Coherent Products

Great Product Owners understand the stakeholder landscape and help teams and stakeholders identify the outcomes that provide the greatest return for the company, product, or project vision.

Software Product Owner Learning Program

Great Product Owners master these skills

You’ll learn them all in Defining Coherent Products and why they’re important. You can also review your core skills or develop your product backlog skills in our other programs.

Set a vision

To help the team know what’s most important as they build out a product backlog and ensure that everyone is going in the right direction.

Identify stakeholders

To identify different classes and types of stakeholders to ensure you get the right input for your efforts.

Quantify goals

To ensure you are building the right things for the right people and to prevent misaligned efforts.

Use landing zones

To express and quantify success attributes so that your team knows what success means.

Use UX proof points

To consider the end-to-end lifecycle of your system so that you don’t miss critical requirements for learning about, buying, installing, and retiring your solution.

Create user scenarios

To give everyone a better understanding of how your customers and users will interact with your product and clarify what is most important.

Topics at a glance

Before your program starts

Find your Product Owner strengths/weaknesses
Meet with your mentor and review

Starting with a vision

What are we building and why?
Survey of visioning techniques
Mastering visioning techniques

Understanding the stakeholder landscape

Techniques for finding stakeholders
10 specific approaches for writing good user stories
A cradle-to-grave perspective
Identifying and characterizing stakeholders

Quantifying value

Value-based decision making
Describing measurable goals
Using Landing Zones to define success

Exploring stakeholder needs

Exploring stakeholder needs with task analysis and scenarios
Using “The 5 Whys” to understand stakeholder problems
How to use UX proof points

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