Learning Program

Succeeding as a Product Owner

Become a more effective Product Owner—whether you’re building foundational skills or going from good to great.

Software Product Owner Learning Program

Grow and thrive as a Product Owner

Product Owner Foundations

Gain the skills you need to be a great Product Owner–whether you’re considering the role, you’re new to the role, or you just need a refresher.

Optimizing Your Product Backlog

Learn to use impact mapping, story mapping, and prioritization techniques to ensure that your user stories deliver optimum value, and understand how to quantify success and share that with the team.

Defining Coherent Products

Great Product Owners understand the stakeholder landscape and help teams and stakeholders identify the outcomes that provide the greatest return for the company, product, or project vision.

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We interviewed more than 400 software leaders around the world and what did they request?

Customized, minimally disruptive virtual sessions that focus on real-world results through a balanced mix of coursework, self-study, and expert mentoring.

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