Requirements for Hybrid Agile Teams

Core Skills for High-Quality Requirements

Organizations in a hybrid environment (agile + sequential; hardware + software) often face requirements complexity. Learn how to create requirements that switch between agile and sequential with little overhead. Also, learn the attributes of complete and stable requirements.

Software Requirements Hybrid Agile Learning Program

Great hybrid agile teams master these skills

You’ll learn them all in Core Skills for High-Quality Requirements and why they’re important. Once you master these skills, you can also learn how to uncover complete and accurate (that is, excellent) requirements and how to approach models, packaging strategies, and prioritization. Plus get a deeper dive on user stories.

Redefine requirements

To give the agile team an effective way to address requirements and better communicate them in hybrid agile environments.

Scale acceptance criteria

To link requirements directly to tests and to help eliminate ambiguity.

Separate the problem space from the solution space

To give the hybrid agile team a clear idea of decision impact.

Fully capture a requirement

To allow the hybrid agile team to jump between requirement templates without issue.

Topics at a glance

Before your program starts

Assessment related to requirements in hybrid agile environments
Send existing requirement examples to your mentor
Meet with your mentor to discuss the assessment and your current hybrid agile requirements

Thinking differently about requirements

Requirement challenges
Requirements strategies for the hybrid environments
Defining “requirements” as decisions
Requirement decision parts
Creating a function hierarchy
Identifying completeness
ISO 25010 and acceptance criteria
Problem space vs. solution space in a hybrid environment

Facilitating story point estimation

Sketching a context
Complete decision content
Acceptance criteria
Capturing the context
Simple improvement rules
Detecting ambiguity
Helping out with gists, fit criteria, and The 5 Whys

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