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Requirements for Hybrid Agile Teams

Learn to include the most powerful aspects of agile requirements while satisfying the rigor needed in hybrid agile/waterfall environments.

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Software Requirements Hybrid Agile Learning Program

Continue to grow and thrive as a hybrid agile team

Core Skills for High-Quality Requirements

Learn how to create requirements that switch between agile and sequential with little overhead. Learn the attributes of complete and stable requirements.

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Uncovering Excellent Requirements

Learn a requirements approach based on consumer value that works for both agile and sequential teams in hybrid scenarios. Enable incremental work by uncovering the high-level requirements that will guide the emerging low-level requirements details.

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Models, Packaging Strategies, Prioritization, & Deeper Dive into User Stories

Learn the tools and methods that enable you to work requirements into the incremental development approaches of your hybrid agile environment. Learn when to use a working space and when to place the requirements into a long-term repository, keeping change management costs to a minimum.

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