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Transitioning to Software Leadership

Who: Join Steve McConnell, author of Code Complete and More Effective Agile, to learn how to lead your software team and positively influence your larger organization.

Price: $3000 per person

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Software Leadership Learning Program

Great software leaders master these skills

Assess your leadership strengths & weaknesses

Be sure you are the right leader for your team and, if not, get on the path to becoming the right leader.

Lead diverse personalities

Understand software’s personality types, your own, and hone your leadership style in response.

Lead with emotional intelligence

Recognize the business value of emotional intelligence—even in software teams! Raise your team’s EQ to a level that can operate at the speed of trust.

Create leadership communication

Understand communication challenges, prepare for difficult and crucial conversations, and present effectively to executives.

Lead collaboration & team decision making

Learn numerous techniques for effective meetings, networking, compelling visions, and frictionless decision making.

Motivate your software team

Tap into motivators and avoid the motivation killers unique to software professionals; keep your team engaged and performing.

Topics at a glance

Leading Teams

Introduction to Teamwork: Winter Survival
Self‐Assess Personal Areas of Strength & Weakness in Team‐Leader Skills
Team Leadership Basics
Characteristics of High Performing Teams
Benefits of Being Part of a High Performing Team
Stages of Team Development
If You Were Arrested for Teamwork, Would There Be Enough Evidence to Convict You?
Case Study: Team Interaction
Summary of Effective vs. Ineffective Teams
Introductory Guidelines for Team Members & Leaders
Action Plan: High Performance Teams

Leading Diverse Personalities

Social Style
Brief Personality Test & Personality Test Score
Graphing Your Social Style
Social Style Interpretation
Lab: Personal Style Worksheet
Bonus Lab: Guess the Famous Personality Type!
Social Style – Substyle
Lab: Substyle Worksheet
Detailed Personality Descriptions
Lab: Social Style Interview
How Would You Convince Different Personality Types of the Value of Teamwork?
Interaction Challenges
Lab: Social Styles — Stressful Interactions
Lab: Social Style Team Composition
Team Member Interaction Challenges
Action Plan: Leveraging Diverse Personalities

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

The Business Importance of Emotional Intelligence
RULER Model – Introduction
Lab: When Do Unregulated Emotions Affect Team Performance?
The Mood Meter
Lab: Mood Meter
Bonus Lab: Going Deeper into the Mood Meter
Mood Meter for Meeting Management
Action Plan: How Can You Improve Your Team’s Performance with the Mood Meter?
Lab: Debrief on 1‐2‐4‐ALL Liberating Structure
RULER Model “Desired State” Team Charter
Lab: RULER Model “Desired State” Team Charter
Action Plan: How Can You Improve Your Team’s Performance with the “Desired State” Team Charter?
RULER Model “Transitory State” Team Charter
Lab: RULER Model “Transitory State” Team Charter
Action Plan: How Can You Improve Your Team’s Performance with the “Transitory State” Charter?
Lab: Debrief on the Dot Voting Liberating Structure
RULER Model “States to be Avoided” Team Charter
Lab: “States to be Avoided”

Leadership Communication

Reflections on Communication
Three‐Part Model of Communication
Lab: Communication Challenges
Social Style Versatility
Preparing for a Difficult Conversation Using Social Styles
Case Study: Preparing for a Difficult Conversation
Lab: Preparing for a Difficult Conversation
Lab Part 2: Troika Consulting Liberating Structure
Lab: Debrief on Troika Consulting Liberating Structure
Crucial Conversations
Lab: Debrief on Crucial Conversations Using the “W3” Liberating Structure
Bonus Lab: What Crucial Conversations Should Your Team be Having?
Lab: Debriefing the What, So What, Now What? (W3) Liberating Structure
Five Step Guide to Addressing Conflicts
Presentations to Executives
Case Study: Presenting to an Executive
Lab: Preparing for a Presentation to an Executive
Lab Part 2: Wise Crowds Liberating Structure
Lab: Debrief on Wise Crowds Liberating Structure
Action Plan: High Performance Communication

Leading Collaboration

Introduction to Collaboration
Effective and Ineffective Meetings
Lab: Dialing for Dollars (Network Building)
Lab: Debrief on Social Network Webbing Liberating Structure
Bonus Lab: Liberating Structures
Lab: Collaboration Techniques
Bonus Lab: Improving Your Workgroup Collaborations
Action Plan: High Performance Collaboration

Leading Team Decision Making

Decision Making Styles
Social Style and Decision Challenges
Lab: Vision Statements
Bonus Lab: Create Good and Bad Vision Statements
Lab: Create or Review Your Team’s Vision Statement
Thumb Voting
Fist of Five
Dot Voting
Agreement & Certainty Matrix (Cynefin)
Decision Matrix
T‐Shirt Sizing
Ecocycle Planning
Lab: Decision‐Making Techniques
Bonus Lab: Your Decisions
Action Plan: High Performance Team Decision Making

Leading for Team Motivation & Effectiveness

Motivation Basics
Internal vs. External Motivation
Differences in Motivation for Different Professions
Lab: What Can I Do to Help My Team Improve?
Bonus Case Study: Different Motivations and an Ineffective Manager
Bonus Lab: What Happened in this Case Study?
Bonus Lab: How Could the Manager Have Positively Influenced Motivation in this Case Study?

The Learning Program will conclude with a back-to-work action plan.

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