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Leadership for Women
in Software

This 6-week virtual learning program targets the challenges that hold women back in the workplace. Using proven leadership tools and practical exercises, you will set clear goals, define the value you bring to the table, ask for more of what you want for you and your team (whether or not you lead it), and lead a sustainable work-life.

Who: Join Jessica Garcia to learn how to lead in your software company as a current leader or an emerging one. Construx is proud to partner with Vela Coaching to assist companies that want women in leadership positions.

Schedule: Six sessions, on Wednesdays, March 1 – April 5, 7:30AM – 10:00AM Pacific time.

Price: $2500 per person

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  • “I really enjoyed the small group time where we would get to try out our conversations based on the models. The resolving conflicts in the team and renegotiation conversations really stick out. Hearing feedback from my peers was also a wonderful experience and very validating that I am not alone in what I am facing.”
  • “This class was great. Very validating in my overall experiences. The models taught had clear visuals that made following them and remembering them easier than other classes I have taken. The community we built in the class made it very comfortable to share experiences and get advice for challenges that I currently am facing in my role.”
  • “I like the new frameworks presented — there’s still a lot of new things that I learned even though I’ve been to countless leadership trainings.”
  • “Great coverage and mix of key topics. I appreciated the models/tools provided and your format, with the mix of activities, kept me engaged online which can be tough.”
  • “I’ve learned a lot over the course of six weeks. I think I have been made self aware of the things I still lack in order to become a good leader and at the same time of things that I am doing right now that make me a good leader. I think even though I am currently just an individual contributor there are still frameworks which I can use to become better, progress my future goals, and climb up the ladder.”
  • “A lot of models, I wish a lot of folks on my team also knew about this so they could work together to self diagnose if there is something to learn or adjust about their team dynamics.”
Software Leadership Learning Program


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