More Effective Scrum

Making a Good Scrum Team Great

You have a more-than-solid grasp on the skills of a Scrum Master. Now add the skills that help you make already good Scrum teams great.

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Great Scrum Masters master these skills

You’ll learn them all in Making a Good Scrum Team Great and why they’re important. In our other Learning Programs, you can get a refresher on the core skills each Scrum team member needs or get a refresher on the skills a Scrum Master needs to facilitate Scrum events that are always focused and effective.

Use story-splitting patterns

To help your Scrum team decompose stories in ways that support incremental value delivery.

Use qualitative and quantitative data

To help Scrum teams continually improve by knowing what actually worked and what didn’t work.

Use improvement goals and other retrospective techniques

To help the team set a course for improvement and create a vision of future excellence.

Apply Kanban to Scrum

To model the end-to-end workflow of the team or a set of teams and help everyone see the big picture.

Understand the habits of highly effective teams

To share and encourage techniques, practices, and team-building approaches that help your team become highly collaborative and successful.

Topics at a glance

Before your program starts

Find your Scrum strengths/weaknesses
Identify target learning areas
Meet with your mentor and review

Setting up teams for success

Story-splitting techniques
Effective refinement meetings
Helping the team prepare Product Backlog Items

Using data to help teams improve

Team improvement goals
Useful metrics
Helping teams select metrics
Using the data

Using Kanban to help good teams become great

The Kanban methodology
Setting up a Kanban
When and where to use Kanban

Build a high-caliber Scrum team

Establishing a shared vision
Team building
Work habits of highly effective teams

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