More Effective Scrum

Becoming a Highly Effective Scrum Master

Gain the skills you need to be a great Scrum Master, facilitating Scrum events that are always focused and effective.

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Great Scrum Masters master these skills

You’ll learn them all in Becoming a Highly Effective Scrum Master and why they’re important. In other Learning Programs, you can get a refresher on the core skills each Scrum team member needs and learn techniques that help good Scrum teams inspect and adapt to keep on improving.

Run productive Scrum events

To enable the Scrum team to be productive, collaborative, and, simply put, successful.

Create and evolve the Definition of Done

To help teams collaborate and identify gaps between their DoD today and a DoD that produces high-quality, potentially shippable software.

Use story point estimation

To help your team estimate user stories well and quickly.

Support effective sprint execution

To help your teams navigate the day in and day out activities and challenges that Scrum teams commonly experience.

Facilitate retrospectives

To ensure your team is learning, growing, and always improving by inspecting and adapting.

Topics at a glance

Before your program starts

Find your Scrum strengths/weaknesses
Identify target learning areas
Meet with your mentor and review

Scrum through the lens of a Scrum Master

Scrum Master: agile coach, and guide
Scrum events and artifacts
Scrum values
Definition of done
Scrum, a part of the wide world of agile

Facilitating story point estimation

Story point estimation
Estimation techniques
Velocity and how to use it

Leading effective sprint planning

Definition of Ready
Creating a sprint backlog
Establishing a commitment
Handling part-time team members
Handling support

Helping teams deliver value

Working together to deliver value
T-shaped people
Holding a useful daily scrum
Daily progress data
Dealing with outside influences
Handling impediments

Leading great retrospectives

Retrospectives 101
Survey of techniques
Making change happen

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