Learning Program

More Effective Scrum

Learn how to apply Scrum in your specific situation—whether completely Agile or in a hybrid Agile/waterfall environment.

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Continue to grow and thrive with Scrum

Maximizing Your Contribution as a Scrum Team Member

Increase your skills and knowledge to participate on a high-maturity Scrum team or to help newer Scrum teams raise their collective capability.

Becoming a Highly Effective Scrum Master

Gain the skills you need to be a great Scrum Master, facilitating Scrum events that are always focused and effective.

Making a Good Scrum Team Great

You have a more-than-solid grasp on the skills of a Scrum Master. Now add the skills that help you make already good Scrum teams great.

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We interviewed more than 400 software leaders around the world and what did they request?

Customized, minimally disruptive virtual sessions that focus on real-world results through a balanced mix of coursework, self-study, and expert mentoring.

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