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Customized, minimally disruptive virtual sessions that focus on real-world results through a balanced mix of coursework, self-study, and expert mentoring.

Each program includes three phases:

  • Getting to know you: Assessments and inverviews to discover your strengths, your opportunities for improvement, and how we can customize the training for you.
  • Core skills development & mentoring: In-depth training and immediate mentoring to help you apply your new skills.
  • Continued mentoring: Mentoring after the core training as you face your daily challenges.

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Learning Programs have been designed with busy software professionals in mind. Generally, each program follows a weekly cadence, with about 2–3 hours/week during core skills development and 1 hour/week during continued mentoring.

You don’t need someone simply reading PowerPoint slides to your team. Our Senior Fellows have worked with hundreds of software teams worldwide–and they’re the ones providing all the mentoring and training in our programs. They bring unique and powerful skills, knowledge, and stories to each organization they work with. And they understand how to make practical knowledge stick with your teams.

By the way, our sales process is different. We always include one of our Senior Fellows to help make sure we can provide the exact Learning Program that meets your needs.

Because each learner in our programs receives hands-on mentoring, typical attendance ranges from 10 to 15 individuals.

We’re happy to discuss how we can accommodate your team.

Absolutely. One of the core messages we learned from our conversations with software leadership was crafting solutions and delivery cadence to match specific training needs. We’re happy to work with you on either.

We also realize that sometimes teams get slammed—and we’ll work to reschedule when that happens.

It’s tricky. Due to the unique hands-on experience of each program, a pilot of a complete program is not possible. However, we’re happy to discuss mutually beneficial alternatives. We strive to be easy to work with, so please reach out.

Yes! Our Senior Fellows are experts at this, helping you prioritize the right solutions for your circumstances. Please reach out and we’re happy to help.

Also, at the beginning of each program, we spend time getting to know you so that we can customize the program to your needs.

Hybrid agile is the combination of agile and non-agile practices that best meets the needs of a specific team or organization.

Meaning agile that’s not hardcore-by-the-book-manifesto, but agile that fits the delivery constraints that every organization has. It’s respectful of the idea of the Agile Boundary, something our CEO, Steve McConnell, wrote about in his latest book. Stakeholders you serve aren’t necessarily agile, so reaching across that boundary is necessary, which means you’re likely already experiencing hybrid agile in your software development efforts.

Each program is customized to your team, so there are a lot of variables. Get started by telling us about your team needs and desired outcome. Reach out and we’re happy to share more.

Learning Programs are an enhanced delivery model based on Construx’s intellectual property, and we will be expanding our Learning Program topics.

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