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Developers crave more than just training

We wanted to know what software teams need most from us, so we asked more than 400 software leaders around the world.

What did they request? Customized, minimally disruptive learning programs that focus on real-world results through a balanced mix of virtual coursework, self-study, and expert mentoring.

The result is academy++ and we’re excited to share it with you!

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Steve McConnell
Founder @ academy++

The Construx connection

Construx was founded by Steve McConnell, software development thought leader and award-winning author of Code Complete.

In addition to teaching individual developers the ins-and-outs of writing good code, Steve has focused on helping teams work more effectively through the unique, complex challenges of software development.

The Learning Programs at academy++ share Construx’s extensive experience to help individuals and teams assess, grow, and thrive.

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